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Can I Get Botox and Fillers at the Same Time?

 Can I Get Botox and Fillers at the Same Time?

Americans love cosmetic injectables — and why not? These minimally invasive treatments can offer dramatic improvements for signs of facial aging, like wrinkles, drooping, and lost volume. 

They get the job done without the incisions, anesthesia, bleeding, scarring, or other risks of cosmetic surgery, all at a dramatically lower cost.

In fact, cosmetic injectables are by far the most popular aesthetic treatments in the United States, with more than 13 million treatments performed each year, according to data from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons

They’re so popular, many women and men wonder if it’s OK to have both Botox® and dermal fillers at the same time — or if they even need to have both types of products.

 At Rostami OPC, Soheila Rostami, MD, and Joseph Davidson, MD, offer a full complement of injectable treatments using a patient-centered approach to achieve the best results. Here, learn how Botox and dermal fillers work and whether it’s OK to have both injectables at the same appointment.

Botox and fillers: How they work

Botox and fillers can both be used to smooth wrinkles and provide a gentle lift to specific areas of your face, but the way they achieve that result varies significantly.

Botox basics

Botox is a neuromodulator, which means it works on the way your nerves communicate. For wrinkles, Botox blocks nerve signals that contract facial muscles. The repeated contractions of these muscles cause lines and wrinkles.

Wrinkles associated with this type of facial movement are called dynamic wrinkles, and they include wrinkles around your eyes (crow’s feet), your brow, your forehead, and your mouth. 

In addition to smoothing these lines, Botox injections can also be used to gently lift the brow area, a common site of age-related sagging.

While Botox is perhaps the best-known neuromodulator, it’s not the only option in this class of treatments. We also offer Dysport®, a Botox alternative that offers similar results.

How fillers work

Dermal fillers also smooth out lines and wrinkles, but instead of working on wrinkles that are associated with facial movements, they’re used on “static” wrinkles — lines that form from factors like sun damage, genetics, and good ol’ gravity.

There are different types of fillers available, and each one offers its own advantages, depending on the area you’re having treated, the extent of wrinkling, and the results you want. 

Our team offers a variety of filler products to treat multiple areas of the face, enabling us to offer truly customized treatments that bring  superior results.

Fillers work by literally “filling in” lines and wrinkles so your skin looks smoother. They’re also great for filling in hollowed-out areas and plumping up areas where volume is lacking, like your cheeks and lips.

Liquid facelift: Double the impact

Neuromodulators and dermal fillers are great on their own, especially if you have just one area — like crow’s feet or nasolabial lines — you want to have treated. But these products can also be used together to treat multiple areas and multiple concerns.

In fact, the combination of these two types of products is so effective, it’s referred to as a liquid facelift. Our team is skilled at combining Botox or Dysport with fillers to help you ward off age-related changes from your forehead all the way down to your chin and neck area.

Best of all, our team can perform both types of treatments in a single office visit, making it even more convenient to ward off the effects of time. Treatments can also be repeated as the effects of your products wear off (typically about four months for neuromodulators and up to a year — or sometimes more — for fillers).

Personalized treatment based on your goals

Of course, just because neuromodulators and fillers can be used together, that doesn’t mean they need to be used in tandem. Before recommending any treatment, our doctors review your goals, your facial anatomy, and other factors to develop a plan squarely focused on getting the results you want.

To learn more or to have us develop an injectable plan just for you, call 571-568-8716 or book an appointment online with the team at Rostami OPC in Reston, Virginia, today.

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