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Rostami OPC

Oculofacial Plastic Surgeons located in Reston, VA

Anyone of any age can experience excessive drooping of the eyelids that interferes with vision and gives your face a tired, aged look. At Rostami OPC, oculofacial plastic surgeon Soheila Rostami, MD, FAAO, FAACS, provides ptosis surgery to men and women living in Reston, Virginia, and the surrounding areas. As specialists in facial plastic surgery, they don’t just remove the skin from your drooping lids but correct the primary cause, which is sometimes in the brow or forehead. Call today for a thorough evaluation or book an appointment online to brighten your look and clear up your sight.

Ptosis Q&A

What is ptosis?

Ptosis is a condition in which the upper eyelid droops over your eye. Drooping may be mild, giving you a hooded, tired look, or it may be severe enough that the lid covers your pupil and interferes with your vision.

Adults usually develop ptosis due to weakness in the eyelid muscles caused by aging, injury, or some eye surgeries. You might consider ptosis surgery to:

  • Look more alert
  • Improve your vision
  • Make your eyes appear younger

Some cases of ptosis aren’t from a weak eyelid but are due to sagging, lax skin, and muscles in the forehead and brows. Dr. Rostami evaluates your eyelids and your entire face before performing ptosis surgery so they can offer all surgical options to provide you with a real solution.

What should I expect during surgery?

Prior to surgery, the doctors review your medical history, current health, and expectations. They thoroughly examine your face and look for all avenues of treatment to give you satisfying, eye-opening results.

They remove extra skin from your eyelid and perform any other procedures that help correct ptosis, such as a brow or forehead lift. Often, ptosis surgery adds support to the eyebrow muscle to assist in lifting the lids. 

You receive numbing medication in the treatment areas and mild IV sedation so you can relax and feel no discomfort during surgery. Ptosis surgery is an outpatient procedure, meaning you go home the same day. 

What is recovery like following eyelid surgery?

Following surgery, you may experience temporary side effects such as watering eyes, light sensitivity, swelling and bruising, and double vision. 

They recommend you avoid all strenuous activity for at least one week following surgery and refrain from wearing contact lenses for three weeks. You’re provided with a complete postoperative care plan to help alleviate discomfort and avoid infection.

At follow-up appointments, they let you know when you can safely get back to all of your normal activities.

For more information about ptosis surgery and the comprehensive approach that can help clear up your vision and improve your look, call Rostami OPC or book an appointment online.

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