Mohs Closure

If you’ve undergone Mohs surgery following a diagnosis of skin cancer, including conditions affecting the eyelid, you understand the importance of expert closure techniques not only for healing but also for cosmetic restoration. Rostami OPC in McLean, Virginia, specializes in Mohs Closure to ensure optimal outcomes after skin cancer removal, focusing on both the health and cosmetic goals of your recovery.

What is Mohs Closure?

Mohs Closure is a procedure used to reconstruct the area after skin cancer cells have been removed through Mohs surgery. Our trained oculofacial plastic surgeons carefully perform this treatment. This surgery enhances your cosmetic appearance while maintaining the skin’s functionality, especially in sensitive areas like the eyelids, where movement is essential.

Skin cancer can occur along the eyelid, presenting a unique challenge due to the delicate nature of the surrounding tissue. A new or changing eyelid lesion—whether in appearance, size, or color should be promptly evaluated by one of our oculofacial plastic surgeons. These lesions are carefully biopsied to determine their nature. If cancerous, it’s crucial to ensure that all affected tissue is removed and that the eyelid and surrounding skin are confirmed to be cancer-free through procedures like Mohs surgery or frozen section margin control.

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Review Star

“Dr. Rostami is caring about people’s needs and their desire to feel better in their own skin. She is very serious about her work, and takes her passion very seriously in what she does for other people. She is conservative because she wants you to look your best and I appreciate never giving me more than what I need. She’s a wonderful doctor.”

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Candidates for Mohs Closure

Candidates for Mohs Closure include individuals who have undergone skin cancer removal, especially those with lesions near critical areas such as the eyelids. This procedure benefits anyone wishing to minimize scarring and restore skin functionality. The best way to determine your candidacy for Mohs Closure treatment is to schedule a consultation with one of our experts at Rostami OPC in McLean, Virginia. 

Mohs Closure Treatment

The Mohs Closure treatment at Rostami OPC involves various advanced techniques tailored to the specific location and extent of the previous surgical site. Depending on the individual case, this may include simple sutures, skin grafts, or local flaps that are carefully manipulated to cover the wound and blend seamlessly with the surrounding skin.

Mohs Closure Recovery and Aftercare

Following Mohs Closure, patients typically experience minimal downtime, with mild side effects, including temporary swelling or discomfort. Our team offers aftercare support, including instructions on wound care and post-treatment monitoring, to ensure adequate healing and minimize the visibility of scars.

Mohs Closure Results

Results from Mohs Closure focus on both cosmetic and functional restoration. The goal is to return the skin to a natural appearance with minimal visible scarring. Mohs Closure helps you achieve smoother, healthier-looking skin.

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If you need Mohs Closure or have concerns about an eyelid lesion or other skin abnormalities, schedule a consultation at Rostami OPC if you are in McLean, Virginia, or the surrounding areas of Falls Church, Odricks Corner, or Arlington, Virginia. Our experienced oculofacial plastic surgeons are here to guide you through your recovery journey, ensuring that your health and cosmetic needs are met with the highest quality care.


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