If you are facing the challenging decision of eye removal due to severe eye trauma, infection, or other painful conditions that cannot be alleviated by other treatments, evisceration offers a solution that preserves as much of the natural eye as possible while relieving discomfort and helping you prepare for cosmetic restoration. Learn more about Evisceration at Rostami OPC in McLean, Virginia.

What is Evisceration?

Evisceration is a surgical procedure that involves removing the contents of the eye while preserving the sclera, or outer shell, and often the optic nerve. This approach is generally considered when the eye can no longer function or is causing significant pain, yet there is a benefit to retaining the remaining eye structures. An orbital implant is usually placed within the remaining scleral shell to support proper facial symmetry and structure, followed by the fitting of an ocular prosthetic for cosmetic treatment.

Review Star
Review Star

“I can’t say enough about the excellent care I received from Dr Rostami and her office. From helping me to navigate what I needed from dermatology surgeons to repairing a large area on my eyelid that had to be removed to extract melanoma, every step of the way was professional and reassuring. Her staff is skilled, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to be around, a true measure of the positive culture Dr Rostami has cultivated. And the results were amazing.”

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Candidates for Evisceration

Candidates for evisceration typically include individuals suffering from irreparable eye damage due to injury, painful eye diseases that do not respond to other treatments or internal eye tumors. This procedure is recommended when there is no potential for visual recovery, and the goal is to alleviate discomfort and improve aesthetic appearance. During your consultation at Rostami OPC, our specialized team will evaluate your condition to determine if evisceration is the most appropriate and beneficial treatment for your needs.

Evisceration Treatment

The evisceration treatment at Rostami OPC is performed under general anesthesia. Our skilled surgeons will carefully remove the internal contents of the eye while preserving the sclera. An orbital implant is then inserted into the space to maintain the eye’s volume and support the structure of the overlying prosthetic. Our experts carefully perform the procedure at Rostami OPC to ensure the best possible cosmetic outcome while minimizing potential complications.

Evisceration Recovery and Aftercare

Recovery from evisceration involves careful monitoring and follow-up care. Patients may initially experience discomfort, which can be managed with medication. Post-operative care is critical to ensure healing and includes managing swelling and preventing infection. Follow-up visits are essential to monitor the healing process and prepare for the next steps, including customizing and fitting an ocular prosthetic.

Evisceration Results

The evisceration results focus on relieving pain or discomfort from your underlying condition while providing a foundation for cosmetic restoration. The placement of the orbital implant and prosthetic aims to restore facial symmetry and help you achieve a natural appearance. Patients typically find significant improvement in their quality of life after adjusting to their new prosthetic.

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