Lip Lift

A Lip Lift enhances the appearance of your lips and improves the overall balance of your facial features. Lip Lift procedures are ideal for those who are unhappy with the elongation of their upper lip caused by aging or for individuals seeking a more pronounced and vibrant smile. Lip lifts can provide lasting results with minimal downtime. Learn more about how lip lifts can transform your smile and whether you are a good candidate for the procedure in McLean, Virginia.

What is Lip Lift?

A Lip Lift is a surgical procedure designed to shorten the area between the nose and the mouth, enhancing the look of your upper lip. This treatment accentuates the curves and the volume of the upper lip, offering a more defined smile and a youthful appearance. The procedure removes a small strip of skin under the nose, which lifts the lip to a more aesthetically pleasing position in order to increase the visibility of the upper teeth and enhance your smile. 

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Review Star

“Dr. Davidson did a great job with filler for my lips. He is genuinely kind, skilled and patient. Thank you Dr. Davidson. I am looking forward to my next visit!”

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Candidates for Lip Lift

Candidates for a Lip Lift at Rostami OPC include individuals who feel that their upper lip is too long or that their facial expression appears aged due to the positioning of their lips. It is well-suited for those who wish to permanently enhance the aesthetics of their lips without repeated treatments like fillers. Suitable candidates should be in good health, non-smokers, and must have realistic expectations of the outcome of the procedure.  During your consultation, Dr. Rostami will assess your facial structure and discuss your aesthetic goals to determine if a Lip Lift is the best option for you.

Lip Lift Treatment

The Lip Lift procedure at Rostami OPC is performed under local anesthesia and typically takes about an hour. Dr. Rostami makes a small incision beneath the nose, where the scar can be easily hidden. The skin is carefully removed, and the lip is lifted to its new position, instantly creating a more youthful appearance. The technique and degree of the lift are customized to each patient, ensuring results that fit your treatment goals.

Lip Lift Recovery and Aftercare

Recovery from a Lip Lift at Rostami OPC is generally quick, with most patients returning to normal activities within a week. Post-operative care involves minimal discomfort that can be managed with prescribed pain medications. Swelling and bruising are common but subside within a few days. Detailed aftercare instructions will be provided to ensure a smooth and speedy recovery. Patients are advised to avoid strenuous activities and follow specific guidelines to support healing.

Lip Lift Results

Patients typically notice immediate results after the swelling subsides, with the final outcome visible within a few weeks as the tissues fully heal. A Lip Lift at Rostami OPC provides a more permanent solution than other lip-enhancing treatments, offering results that can rejuvenate your smile and overall facial aesthetics for the long run. 

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