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Brow Lift

Rostami OPC

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As you get older, your eyebrows may fall from their primary position, leading to sagging skin around the eyes that makes you appear older than your age or how you feel. At Rostami OPC in Reston, Virginia, experienced oculofacial plastic surgeon Soheila Rostami, MD, FAAO, FAACS, offers surgical, nonsurgical, and minimally invasive brow lift treatments to improve the positioning of your eyebrows and refresh your look. For a brow lift consultation, contact the office by phone or book online today.

Brow Lift Q&A

Who needs a brow lift?

Positioning of your eyebrow is very important in the evaluation of your eyelid. For men, the normal eyebrow position is at the orbital rim (outer portion of your eye socket) and for women slightly above the orbital rim. 

At Rostami OPC, Dr. Rostami performs brow lifts to treat:


  • Eyebrow ptosis (sagging of the eyebrow/forehead skin)
  • Droopy eyebrows
  • Heavy eyebrows


It’s not uncommon for people to blame their sagging eyelids on the eyelid skin. However, the sagging may be due to changes in the positioning of your eyebrows and forehead. Upper eyelid surgery, medically called blepharoplasty, can’t fix droopy eyelids caused by eyebrow ptosis.

If your eyebrows have fallen, it contributes to the excess skin on the upper lids and creates folds of skin across the bridge of your nose, as well as heavy wrinkles around the brow. 

What are brow lift techniques?

Dr. Rostami is a cosmetic facial plastic surgeon and uses many brow lift techniques to improve positioning and restore a more youthful look. They offer nonsurgical, surgical, and minimally invasive options.

Some of the surgical brow lift techniques include:

Coronal approach

With a coronal approach, incisions are made in the hairline and the forehead, and your skin is lifted and smoothed out. This procedure is best suited for patients with a heavy brow. 

Direct brow lift

During a direct brow lift, the doctor makes an incision in the wrinkle line in your forehead to hide the incision scar and lifts your eyebrow line into an aesthetically pleasing position. 

Trichophytic brow lift

For a trichophytic brow lift, the surgeon makes tiny incisions around the front of your hairline to lift your brow. With this technique, they may also only need to make one incision in the center of your forehead hairline or even just one side. 

Endotine transbleph procedure

With an endotine transbleph procedure, the experienced surgeons use a tiny implant to anchor the brow in place.

Nonsurgical and minimally invasive techniques for your brow lift may include Botox®, dermal fillers, or a nonsurgical facelift.

How do I know what type of brow lift technique is best for me?

The doctors at Rostami OPC understand that your needs are unique to you. Before making any surgical or nonsurgical brow lift recommendations, your provider conducts a comprehensive consultation. They ask detailed questions about your concerns and goals and closely examine the structure of your skin and brow.

After discussing the various procedures and results, you and the doctor decide together which brow lift technique will deliver the best results based on your needs and desires.

To learn more about the brow lift, contact Rostami OPC by calling the office or clicking the online scheduling tool to book your consultation. 

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