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PrecisionTX Reston


The PrecisionTx laser enables minimally invasive treatment of smaller areas. Treatment areas include the neck and jawline as well as ablation of axillary sweat glands.

When treating the lower face and neck, laser energy is used to melt fat below the skin’s surface and also causes new collegen production by treating the subdermis.

This one-time, one-hour procedure is ideal if you want great results with the least amount of downtown.


Now there is a way to enhance your look without a surgical facelift! Dr. Rostami OPC offers the Precision Tx procedure – a new and innovative laser treatment. This new procedure enables minimally invasive contouring – for targeting neck, chin, jowls and jaw lines.

This procedure generates the best possible results with least amount of downtime.

The laser procedure is performed in the comfort of our office with cutting edge laser technology that delivers low dose energy that precisely targets fatty tissues. The procedure takes an hour.


What is Precision Tx™?

Precision Tx™ is an innovative laser device that enables a new minimally invasive laser procedure for small area contouring, fat destruction, collagen stimulation, and hyperhidrosis – used to rejuvenate neck, jaw lines, chins, and necks. Precision Tx™ treatments can give clients a more defined look without a surgical face-lift. 

What does the treatment feel like?

We typically offer patients numbing with local anesthesia. Patients experience minimal discomfort during the actual procedure. Like all minimally invasive or non-surgical procedures, clients may feel a light pressure during the treatment. Many symptoms will resolve rapidly. Patients will be able to return to normal activities in a day or two. 

How does Precision Tx™ treatment work?

The treatment area is numbed and tiny incisions are made to fit a very small cannula with a laser fiber. The fiber is the size of a pen tip, placed underneath your skin in the area being treated. Specifically targeted thermally controlled laser energy is delivered to the treatment area to stimulate collagen production in the dermis, trim down tissue, and reduce laxity.

How long does the treatment take?

The treatment takes approximately one hour and it is performed in your doctor’s office.

How often does the treatment need to be repeated?

Precision Tx™ is a one-time treatment and it provides long lasting natural results.

How much does the treatment cost?

Precision Tx™ is a very direct, precise, and individualized laser treatment. The price varies depending on the treatment area or type of procedure. A physician must see the prospective patient prior to providing an accurate quote after your consultation.


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