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Should I Get a Brow Lift or Eyelid Surgery?

 Should I Get a Brow Lift or Eyelid Surgery?

Your eyes have a major influence over the way you look, which means if your brow or lids look tired or worn out, you do, too. 

Fortunately, minimally invasive surgeries can help restore a more youthful position for your eyelids and your brow and forehead area. The key is knowing which surgery you need to get the results you’re looking for. 

At Rostami OPC, Soheila Rostami, MD, and Joseph Davidson, MD, offer both eyelid surgery and brow lift procedures to help women and men in Reston and Dulles, Virginia, achieve their aesthetic goals. 

Take a moment to learn how these two procedures differ, so you can decide which option is the better choice for you.

Brow lift basics

Sagging, drooping brows are a common “side effect” of aging. Loss of muscle tone, declining collagen production, and even gravity can all contribute to a sagging brow area.

As the brow sags, you can be left looking tired, worn out, or even a little annoyed. Brow lift surgery corrects those effects by restoring your brow’s youthful position.

Also called a forehead lift, brow lift surgery smooths out horizontal forehead lines and frown lines, too. 

Surgery uses one or more incisions in your hairline, where the scars are eventually hidden. The forehead muscles are gently repositioned, and excess skin is removed before the incisions are closed with sutures.

Quick facts about eyelid surgery

Eyelid surgery ranks among the top five cosmetic surgical procedures, according to the latest data from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Also called blepharoplasty, eyelid surgery can be performed on the upper lids, lower lids, or both, depending on your needs.

During surgery, tiny incisions are made in areas that typically hide any resulting scars — in the eyelid creases for upper lids and under the lashes or inside the lids for lower lid surgery. The surgeon removes excess fat and sagging skin before closing the incisions with tiny sutures.

The goals of eyelid surgery are to eliminate bagginess under the eyes and restore the natural position of the lid margins, correcting sagging that can make you look older and even interfere with your vision. 

Afterward, you can expect some bruising and swelling that last about 1-2 weeks. We provide complete recovery instructions to optimize your healing time.

Customizing your treatment

Many patients achieve their goals with either of these two state-of-the-art procedures. But what if you have a sagging forehead and drooping eyelids? In that case, you might consider having both treatments.

Because eyelid surgery and brow lift procedures both address aging issues in the upper face, many patients benefit from having both surgeries to rejuvenate the entire area. During your initial consultation, we help you decide on the optimal plan for your specific goals.

To learn more about these and other treatments that can help you look and feel great, call the nearest office or book an appointment online with the team at Rostami OPC today.

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