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Revitalize the Skin You're in with DiamondGlow Noninvasive Skin Resurfacing

Revitalize the Skin You're in with DiamondGlow Noninvasive Skin Resurfacing

Winter is here, and for Virginia residents, that means you’re exposed to colder, drier air, which can leave you with drier skin. Low humidity outside and drying heat inside can cause your skin to appear dull, worn out, and flaky. To keep your skin healthy and beautiful, you need to give it some extra care and attention — and DiamondGlow® facials are a great way to do that.

At Rostami OPC, Virginia Top Doc Soheila Rostami, MD, and Joseph Davidson, MD, offer DiamondGlow treatments for patients at their Reston, Virginia, practice, either as a standalone treatment or in conjunction with other cosmetic treatments, like fillers or microneedling. Here’s how DiamondGlow can help your skin this winter and all year round.

How DiamondGlow works

Most complexion issues that we see affect the upper layers of skin. Dry, dead skin causes your complexion to look dull and worn out, while also preventing nourishing moisture from reaching the deeper layers of tissue. DiamondGlow combines three skin-rejuvenating treatments — exfoliation, extraction, and infusion — into one state-of-the-art solution aimed at restoring and reviving your skin. 

Treatment begins with exfoliation. The DiamondGlow system has six different exfoliating tips to enable your provider to customize your exfoliation treatment to your skin type, as well as the issues that concern you most. 

Once exfoliation is complete, the extraction system gently suctions your skin, removing oily debris, dead skin cells, and other particles from deep inside your pores. Extraction helps your pores “breathe,” and it also helps prevent breakouts, while helping your skin look clearer, fresher, and more rejuvenated.

The last step of the DiamondGlow process — infusion — uses a variety of serums tailored to your needs to deeply nourish your skin, restoring moisture and nutrients that help it look its best long after your treatment ends. The two initial steps — exfoliation and extraction — prepare your skin for this final step, enabling those nutrients to reach the deeper layers of skin for more effective healing and replenishment.

Benefits of DiamondGlow

Because DiamondGlow offers multiple benefits in just one system, it’s the ideal treatment for a wide range of complexion issues, including:

A variety of tips and serums enable you to treat more than one problem in a single session.

We also completely tailor the DiamondGlow system to your skin’s needs. Feel free to book repeat treatments to keep your skin looking its best, even as your skin changes with time. Regular treatments are a great way to give your skin the extra help it needs to minimize damage in the future.

Learn more about DiamondGlow

DiamondGlow is one way to revitalize and restore dull, rough, damaged skin, but we offer other options, too. To find out more about DiamondGlow and other treatments that can help you look great and feel more confident, call 571-568-8716 or book an appointment online with our team at Rostami OPC today.

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