My Drooping Eyelids Are Affecting My Vision: Can You Help?

Sagging or drooping eyelids can certainly make you look tired or worn out. But for many people, lid drooping — or ptosis — is so severe, it interferes with normal vision.

As a leading provider of oculofacial surgery in Reston, Virginia, Rostami OPC offers the most advanced treatments for ptosis, including state-of-the-art surgical repair focused on repositioning drooping lids so both vision and appearance are improved. 

Take a moment as Soheila Rostami, MD, and Joseph Davidson, MD, offer an overview of ptosis, including why it happens and how ptosis surgery works to correct it.

Why ptosis happens

Ptosis, or drooping upper eyelids, is separated into two broad categories depending on the age it occurs: congenital ptosis, which is present at birth, and acquired ptosis, which develops later.

Congenital ptosis is the most common type, and it typically happens when the eyelid muscles are damaged or don’t develop correctly prior to birth. Sometimes, ptosis comes from trauma that happens during delivery or by tumors. In most cases of congenital ptosis, the cause is unknown.

Acquired ptosis can be divided into five types

  • Mechanical involves a structural issue affecting eyelid function
  • Myogenic is caused by a disease affecting the eyelid muscle
  • Neurogenic involves the eyelid muscle nerves
  • Aponeurotic is related to age-related changes or surgical complications
  • Traumatic is caused by injuries to the eyelid or surrounding tissues

In each of these types, ptosis surgery (or blepharoplasty) can help correct the lid position and prevent related vision issues.

Improving vision with ptosis treatment

Ptosis surgery uses special techniques to elevate drooping lids and reposition the lid margin so it no longer blocks your vision. Prior to surgery, we evaluate your ptosis and map out your procedure for optimal outcomes.

The surgery itself involves making tiny incisions in the creases of your eyelids or in the underside of the lid, depending on the type and cause of your ptosis. Using those incisions, your surgeon removes excess skin and repositions the muscles and ligaments that hold your lid in its proper position.

Eyelid surgery uses sedation and a local anesthetic to keep you comfortable and relaxed during your procedure. Most surgeries take about 1-2 hours. After your surgery, you spend some time in a recovery area before being discharged home with complete care instructions.

Recovery and healing

Once you’re home from your surgery, the healing process begins. You can expect some mild bruising, swelling, and discomfort initially, along with increased light sensitivity and tearing. Over-the-counter medicines, cool compresses, and keeping your head elevated can help.

Your care instructions include guidelines on cleansing your lids and caring for your incisions. You should plan on avoiding strenuous physical activity for at least a week and swapping contact lenses for glasses for at least three weeks to avoid eye irritation and reduce the risk of infection.

During follow-up visits, we evaluate your progress and let you know when it’s OK to resume regular activities and contact lens wear.

Learn more about ptosis treatment

Blepharoplasty is designed to improve eyelid sagging, but it’s not the only procedure that can help. A sagging forehead can also cause or contribute to drooping lids. 

If that’s the case, our team may recommend a forehead lift either on its own or in combination with blepharoplasty to help you achieve the best possible results.

If your drooping eyelids are interfering with your vision, we can help. To learn more, call 571-568-8716 or book an appointment online with the team at Rostami OPC today.


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