How to Achieve the Perfect Pout

If you’ve been living under a rock, you may not have heard of the Kylie Jenner Challenge, which encourages teens to put their lips into a shot glass and suck, leading to a more “pouty” look.

Let’s be straight out here: if you want to achieve a pout, this is not the way to do it, and will cause more damage to your lips than anything.

But if you are interested in achieving fuller lips, know that there’s a more safer, more scientific way to get that pout.

They’re called dermal fillers.


Lip filler may generate more buzz in the cosmetic treatment world than any other procedure (besides maybe breast augmentation). To know what lip fillers are, we have to take a step back and examine dermal filers.

Dermal fillers are, just that, fillers that volumize the face. Though made from a variety of substances, the most popular substance is hyaluronic acid–a naturally occurring substance in the body that helps moisturize and provide nutrition to the skin.

Popular dermal fillers like Restylane and Juvederm are made from hyaluronic acid.

The range of treatments for dermal fillers is huge. Crow’s eyes? Perfect. Marionette lines? Absolutely.

And yes, you can use them to get a better pout.


Dermal fillers are some of the safest cosmetic products out there.

Not only do they naturally wear off, but, even in the short run, hyaluronic acid is a compound that can be basically undone with another injection. (Be careful of if you’re prone to bruising, however).

The real trick to that perfect pout, though, is working with a physician who knows what they’re doing to make your pout look full and natural.

In this case, bigger isn’t necessarily better. In fact, it’s all about the ratio between your upper lip, your bottom lip, and the Cupid’s Bow they form.

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