How Long Does Botox Last? A Guide for First-time Users

So you’ve decided to dip your toes into cosmetic treatment and, seeing as it’s the most popular, you’re giving Botox a shot.

But what is Botox actually like? Will my face freeze? How long’s it going to last?

All these and more are fair questions.


Botox is an extremely painless and easy process. Typically done within ten minutes, there’s a reason why it’s called the lunchtime procedure.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have skilled hands handling it, however. While fears of frozen face can be allayed, there are complications that can occur with a botched Botox procedure–and you should make sure whoever does it is very well certified and competent.

Patients should see results from Botox within just a few days of using it, and by two-to-four weeks should know if they’re happy with their results.


One thing about Botox that is both very fortunate and unfortunate is that Botox does not last forever.

This is unfortunate because it means that all users must go in for regular maintenance.

It’s fortunate because it means that no Botox job, no matter how botched, or no matter how much the patient realizes they didn’t really want Botox–no Botox job is permanent. Patients have the most natural way of reversing the procedure, which is simply waiting it out.

Thankfully, Botox lasts a very useful amount of time: a bit less than half a year. This is long enough that maintaining Botox isn’t excessive, but not so long that patients have to wait a long time if they weren’t fully happy with the result.

Not only that, but your first treatment wears off a bit faster — in about two to three months. As patients are treated more often, Botox will last longer and longer.

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