Botox & Precisiontx: Best Treatments for Underarm Sweating

Severe underarm sweating, also known as hyperhidrosis, can be a socially debilitating condition.

While all of us can get a bit sweaty on a hot summer day, for some individuals it can be downright embarrassing.

Many would give anything to be able to get on the bus and go across the city without worrying about underarm sweat. And when antiperspirants don’t work, many of these individuals simply give up.

But now there are options.


One of the first options available is actually Botox. While this might seem odd, since the neuromodulator is typically used to control wrinkles, it actually makes perfect sense.

Simply put, Botox blocks chemical signals that activate sweat glands.

Is it safe? Absolutely. Many patients worry that stopping sweat could stop the body’s ability to regulate heat — but only two percent of your sweat glands are actually under your arms. Slowing down sweat production in one localized area won’t meaningfully affect your body’s ability to cool down.


Botox can be highly effective for some individuals, with up to 98% reduction in sweating. But when that doesn’t work, individuals can try an even more serious option: PrecisionTX.

This thermal energy laser system actually eliminates your overactive sweat glands. The patient is anesthetized locally, and small incisions are made. This gives the SideLight laser access to work directly on your sweat glands.

The advantage of a treatment like PrecisionTX is its permanency. Whereas Botox will need to be renewed at least every six months, PrecisionTX results last forever — doing all of its work within the span of a 60 minute session. Not only that, but patients can resume normal activities within a couple of days.

Overall, patients with hyperhidrosis have more options than ever to treat their condition. It’s an exciting time.

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