Why Some Are Starting Botox Earlier

More and more practitioners are starting to agree: there’s reason to start Botox early.

Not too early, mind you – there might not be any real reason (besides very specific exceptions) to get Botox before 25 – but early, nonetheless.

Starting Botox earlier might not only be great for wrinkle prevention, it might actually have cumulative effects.


The easiest argument for starting Botox early is that you want to get the treatment before the wrinkles are actually deeply set. Collagen stops producing at 25, and volume loss occurs at about 30.

At that point the wrinkles start forming, and if the wrinkles are too deep Botox may not be as effective. So starting Botox right before 30 can do wonders to stop those wrinkles from ever appearing in the first place.

This is especially pertinent if you’ve spent a lot of time in the sun, and the wrinkles that usually come in with age start appearing sooner than typical.


The second argument for Botox at an earlier age is a bit trickier. Everyone knows that Botox is a neurotoxin that stops nerves from firing, thus avoiding the over contraction that leads to wrinkles.

But the thing with Botox is that it has to be reapplied every couple of years. This can be inconvenient, and means to a certain degree it’s always an uphill battle. Once those muscles start over contracting, the wrinkles are sure to form – after all, our skin has stopped its natural abundance of collagen production (though there are methods to stimulate it).

But doctors say that getting Botox regularly actually teaches the muscle these more relaxed firing patterns. You may very well be teaching your face to naturally stay youthful!

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