Meghan Markle’s Nose is the Plastic Surgery Trend You Need

All eyes were on Meghan Markle when she married Prince Harry at Windsor’s St. George’s Chapel a few months ago.

She stunned fans around the world in a custom Givenchy gown with sleek hair and makeup to highlight her facial features.

While the royal wedding has passed, Meghan continues to be viewed as a fashion and beauty icon.

In fact, plastic surgeons have noted that more and more patients want to look like the newly crowned Duchess and are requesting her well-defined nose.


Meghan Markle is well on her way to becoming the next People’s Princess with her approachable style and looks.

Women feel as though they can relate to her and find her face and nose naturally beautiful.

Additionally, plastic surgeons and patients love that her nose has a tight, small tip, but isn’t perfect.

In fact, in Meghan and Harry’s engagement photos, we can see a slight dorsal hump in her profile.

This minor imperfection doesn’t detract from her appearance, but it actually makes her nose more unique and aesthetically pleasing.


Patients that want to emulate Meghan can now make subtle changes through a non-surgical or liquid nose job.

This procedure is done in a plastic surgeon’s office and does not require any anesthesia, incisions, or downtime.

During a liquid rhinoplasty, dermal fillers are injected into the nose to adjust its contours and shape.

The treatment takes approximately 10 minutes and is a safe and effective way for patients to experience a nose job, without the permanency of a traditional rhinoplasty.

Results can last up to 1 year, at which time, patients will require a touch-up treatment.


A surgical rhinoplasty can also be performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon for patients requesting Meghan Markle’s nose.

This procedure is done under general or local anesthesia with sedation.

It offers permanent results and may be a better fit for individuals that do not want the cost and upkeep of yearly fillers that are associated with a non-surgical nose job.

During a traditional rhinoplasty, incisions are made internally and sometimes externally depending on the surgical approach.

Patients must wear a cast for 7 days post-op and can usually return to work within a week.

For additional information on non-surgical and surgical options for achieving a naturally refined nose like Meghan Markle, call our office today to schedule a consultation.

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