Is Eyelid Surgery Right for You?

Most people nowadays aren’t getting enough sleep. It’s just a fact of life that between work, chores, and just living daily life, there just doesn’t seem to be enough time in the world to get the full eight hours.

But if no amount of sleep is getting rid of the bags under your eyes, you might not be tired. You may just have a genetic predisposition to fatty deposits under your eye!


Baggy eyes come from a combination of two things. First, fat deposits under the eye give that “baggy look.” Second, that bagginess is exacerbated by sunken cheeks.

In essence, if your cheeks are a little too hollow, then the fat deposits under your eye ‘pop out’ of the landscape.

Therefore, patients interested in getting rid of the baggy look under their eye should consider their options.


Interestingly, one way to reduce the look of bagginess is to go for the indirect approach. By using dermal fillers to volumize cheeks, minor cases of bagginess can be undone.

Essentially, the gradient is made more even. Who would’ve thought you could make it look better by adding more volume?

But for more extreme cases, a more direct approach of a blepharoplasty — the official term for eyelid surgery — might be needed. In this case, a number of approaches might be taken. Extra fat might be removed from the lower lid, or your surgeon may even opt to remove excess skin.

What matters is they take a look at the patient’s individual traits.

Overall, eyelid surgery in Northern Virginia is as minor of a surgical procedure as can be done, requiring significantly less down time.

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