How Kelly Ripa Stays Looking Young

Kelly Ripa is 47, but she certainly doesn’t look it. A recent Halloween Instagram had the entire comment section going nuts wondering how she looked so young.

The answer was probably a bit more obvious than you think, though maybe simplicity is just proof of effectiveness: Botox.


If you’re a bit crushed that there wasn’t a magic skincare regimen to stay looking 20 forever, we’re with you. But really, if there’s anything in this world similar to a fairytale treatment, it would be Botox.

And yes, we get you. It’s extremely weird that injecting something that is very formally a neurotoxin into your face can have such great results, but hey, that’s just how the scientists say it works.

If you need a refresher, Botox works like this. By using the injectable in specific muscles of your face, signals are blocked from reaching the brain that would normally lead to over contraction. These contractions form fissures in your face, deep underneath the skin, that eventually percolate up into wrinkles.

Botox, therefore, has a twofold effect. Not only does it stop the contractions, in the moment, that exacerbate the look of the wrinkles. But it also stops those wrinkles from getting deeper over time, once our skin stops producing the collagen that, until we’re 30 or so, prevents those wrinkles.

So Botox has a cumulative effect. Get it early enough, and you can stave off those wrinkles for a very, very long time…

And perhaps you’ll be looking like Kelly Ripa at 47. In fact, we daresay if you’re on point with it, you might look even younger. But we’re not going to make any guarantees.

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