Can Botox Improve Work Performance?

Botox isn’t just for getting rid of wrinkles. If you’ve followed this miracle product at all, you’ll know that it’s been used for just about everything.

Yes, it helps wrinkles. But it also stops excessive sweating, encourages circulation, mitigates migraines possibly helps with depression – all this, and much more. There are a whopping 690 studies on Botox stored in the U.S. clinical trial database.

And here’s how some people are using it to improve their work life.


Of course, the easiest way to point out the benefits of Botox is noting the self-esteem boost that comes from looking younger. In fact, when Botox had anti-depressant effects on some of the population, studies looking to see its mechanism of action had to control for the self-esteem effect.

But consider the use of Botox by some men in the corporate world to get an edge on their competition. Not just looking good and feeling good, but actually being more persuasive on account of looking younger.

Some psychiatrists have gotten Botox for the purpose of removing frown lines, so that they don’t look disapproving toward their patients.


Is it still just a matter of mind?

The larger point to be made is the sheer versatility of the drug. Even within the realm of aesthetics, the drug has so many applications beyond just removing crow’s feet. If you have a gummy smile, for example, Botox can relax the overactive muscles just above the teeth.

If this all seems a bit too remarkable, it’s worth thinking about why this is. It’s all due to Botox’s flexible mechanism of action, which blocks nerve signals, and there’s nothing quite like it. The future may have even more promising treatments in store from the use of Botox.

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