Botox Brow Lift: is It Better Than Surgery?

Surgical versus non-surgical treatment: that’s the real heart of any cosmetic decision you make.

Of course, individuals usually want to opt for the least invasive option first. But as you face aging, you have to make real cosmetic choices: the surgical or the non-surgical option?

Typically what’s true is this. Non-surgical options are easier on the body, but not quite as effective as surgical options, which can be harder on the body.

The thing is, that dichotomy isn’t as completely true as you’d think. Non-surgical options can be much more effective than they have in the past, and surgeries don’t always have to be tough on the body.

There’s a spectrum for both.

In this case we compare Botox vs. a traditional brow lift.


With a brow lift, the skin of the brow is tightened. A long incision is made near the hairline, and the skin of the forehead is pulled as tight as possible, while the surgeon removes excess fat.

The procedure takes about 30 minutes, and recovery time is about two months.

The results, however, last five-to-10 years.


Botox offers the alternative to the brow lift. In a Botox Brow Lift, Botox is injected around the area of the brow to paralyze the muscles there — and prevent them from over contracting.

The treatment is extremely short, taking only ten minutes. And there’s no recovery downtime.

Of course, Botox takes regular maintenance, with patients having to come in at least once a year to touch up their Botox. Besides that, Botox simply will not be quite as dramatic in its results as will a brow lift.

Ultimately the choice between these two procedures reflects the general dichotomy: more effective, or easier with a lower recovery time?

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