The Non-surgical Facelift That Won’t Break the Bank

Could that youth extending procedure known of the facelift soon become a thing of the past?

That’s what some doctors think, and the new Silhouette Instalift is a nonsurgical procedure mimicking a facelift that suggests things may just be going in that direction.


Marketed as the lunchtime facelift, it might seem like a miracle that a procedure involving sutures can have such a small downtime (of just two days!) and still have dramatic results.

What essentially happens is that the Silhouette InstaLift uses dissolvable sutures to recontour your face. Each suture has bidirectional cones that hold up the skin — which is then lifted and draped over the structures.

The real miracle of the procedure is that the sutures are slowly absorbed by your body over time.

So do the effects of the InstaLift go away? Actually, results improve over time. The reason why is that as the sutures are absorbed into your body, collagen production is stimulated — causing a rejuvenation effect in the face.

Essentially, your body fills in the parts of your face that the sutures lift up, making it the new you.


According to some RealSelf reviews, in the first few days after the procedure you’ll see some major “skin bunching.” If you’re especially self-conscious, you may decide to take a week off from work even if you’re ‘recovered’ within just a few days.

Don’t worry, though. That’s all part of the process, and by the end of the week you’ll be amazed by just how much your face changes.

The most amazing part of the Silhouette InstaLift is how results improve over the long run as your face produces more collagen. So it’s important to wait and see a bit and see how it affects your profile.

Interested in the Silhouette InstaLift? You might wonder what procedure constitutes the best “nonsurgical facelift.” It’s important to match your needs to the procedure.

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