More and More Men Are Turning to Botox to Enhance Their Look

Published on December 12, 2018 by
Botox for Men Northern Virginia

Botox for Men Northern Virginia Although some men may still consider the topic of cosmetic treatments taboo, most guys admit that they want to look and feel their best, and Botox for men in Northern Virginia has proven results. So,

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Botox to Address Neck Lines and Vertical Band Concerns

Published on November 21, 2018 by
neck lines botox northern virginia

Botox Northern Virginia Many individuals are familiar with Botox Cosmetic as safe and effective way to combat facial wrinkles. But did you know that it can also be used to address neck lines, which are a hallmark sign of aging? While

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What is Blepharitis and How Can it Be Treated?

Published on November 21, 2018 by
blepharitis reston northern virginia

Blepharitis Reston Sore, red eyelids and crusting in the lashes are all symptoms of blepharitis, a fairly common eye condition according to leading eye experts. So, what causes this inflammation of the eyelids, and how can it be treated? Keep

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Say Goodbye to Laugh Lines With Restylane Refyne

Published on November 21, 2018 by
laugh lines restylane refyne reston

Restylane Refyne Reston Smiling and frowning are both ways that we express our emotions. These facial movements occur so naturally that we often aren’t even aware of them, and the laugh lines they create. However, over time, repeated facial expressions

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Meet Profound: The Hottest Nonsurgical Facelift Available

Published on November 21, 2018 by
profound nonsurgical facelift reston

Profound Microneeedling RF Reston Skin laxity, wrinkles, lines, and jowls are all undesirable signs of aging, and at one time, they could only be treated with surgery and a lengthy recovery, however, there’s a new, nonsurgical facelift option out there.

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Why Kybella is Better Than CoolSculpting for Double Chin Reduction

Published on November 13, 2018 by
double chin kybella northern virginia

Kybella Northern Virginia A well-defined jawline adds structure to the face, improves a person’s profile, and helps individuals look healthy and youthful. However, both men and women are susceptible to a double chin that can cause them to appear older

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PRP + ACell: What’s New in Hair Regeneration?

Published on November 13, 2018 by
hair regeneration reston

Hair Regeneration Reston Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) has provided countless men and women a safe and effective way of hair regeneration. What’s more, the treatment achieves extremely natural-looking results without surgery, incisions, or downtime. However, we now know that combining PRP

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Juvederm Voluma for Cheek Augmentation

Published on November 13, 2018 by
voluma dermal filler northern virginia

Juvederm Northern Virginia Juvederm Voluma is an injectable product that infuses tissue with hyaluronic acid and instantly restores volume to the cheeks and nasolabial folds. Hyaluronic acid is a complex sugar that exists between skin cells of the body and

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Mid-Facelift vs. Facelift: What’s the Big Difference

Published on November 13, 2018 by
mid-facelift northern virginia

Facelift Northern Virginia Many women and men elect to undergo a mid-facelift or a facelift in order to achieve natural, yet noticeable, facial rejuvenation. This surgical procedure can be customized to each patient’s unique anatomy and concerns to help them

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Relieve Eye Spasm Issues With Botox Cosmetic

Published on October 30, 2018 by
eye spasm botox northern virginia

Botox for Eye Spasms Have you ever experienced a sudden and repetitive blink or movement of your eyelid? Then it’s likely that you’ve had an eye spasm, which is usually a harmless, but bothersome twitch. While it may feel like

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