Kybella: Melt Away Your Chin Fat

There are a number of aesthetic conditions that can prematurely age you. One of these, unfortunately, is the dreaded double chin–extra fat on the chin that crops up during weight gain where your jowls are unduly emphasized.

If double chin bothers you as much as it bothers most people, then Kybella might just be the answer to your problems. What’s Kybella exactly? It’s an injectable made for contouring your chin, neck and jaw.

More precisely, it’s a fat killer, and it’s designed to get rid of double chin.


Kybella is both an injectable and a non-surgical fat reduction treatment. This makes it something of a rarity in the cosmetic treatment world, where most nonsurgical fat reduction is based on heating up or cooling down fat to kill it.

The injectable uses a compound called deoxycholic acid to kill fat. Essentially, it bursts the fat cells’ membranes. This destroys the fat cells and stops them from accumulating fat.

What’s this mean for you? Unlike diet and exercise, which don’t actually kill fat but just reduce its size, Kybella has a genuine spot reduction effect. The shape of your chin will change — and in a much more permanent sense than if you had simply dieted it off.


The best candidates for Kybella are those who have difficulty getting rid of problem areas despite a fit and healthy lifestyle. These individuals might be predisposed to deposit fat in certain ways.

Double chin is one of those problem areas where fat can get deposited in spite of an individual’s best efforts. Because Kybella kills the fat permanently, not only do they contour the body in the short term, but even if the individual does put weight on it won’t distribute to the body the same way.

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