Everything You Need to Know About Latisse

What is Latisse? Well, if you’ve ever struggled to get your lashes looking just perfect for an event, then you’ll know the pain of trying to get it just right.

Latisse presents an alternative.


The active ingredient Bimatoprost was originally made to treat glaucoma. However, patients trialing the drug noticed something strange: their lashes were thicker.

But how? Essentially, Bimatoprost is a growth signaller — something that keeps eyelashes in the growth phase, also known as the anagen phase, longer. Basically, your lashes spend a longer time on the assembly line in the factory than usual and end up becoming thicker.


Latisse is a topical treatment. You clean your face (make sure there’s no makeup!) and apply it with an applicator that comes with the package.

After applying Latisse, you should be able to see results by four weeks in. Results will continue to improve until sixteen weeks of continued use.

Your Latisse lashes aren’t permanent: but they last quite a long while. After four months of usage, your lashes will remain thick for up to a year. Continued usage of Latisse will ensure your lashes still stay as thick.

So the recommended strategy for keeping your thick and beautiful lashes is to simply take the recommended dosage for up to four months and then to taper off the amount you take slowly in order to simply maintain your thick lashes.

Latisse IS a prescription medication, so you’ll need permission from your doctor to take it. Though some patients have reported being able to use it off-label for hair growth, many doctors feel there isn’t enough evidence supporting this. Latisse does not grow new follicles, but merely makes them thicker.

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