Anti-aging Baldness? Stay Away!

Retinoid cream has long been a popular—and effective—option for anybody struggling with redness and acne.

Retinoids, and other vitamin A-based creams, are terrific for hydrating your skin, unclogging pores, evening out discoloration, and reducing fine lines.

But the creams can have their side-effects. In addition to some peeling or dryness in the applied area, some consumers are now experiencing hair loss—a trend everybody needs to be aware of.

Similar to Accutane, an oral retinoid for acne treatment containing vitamin A, topical retinoids are the prime suspect.

Reddit, otherwise known as the “front page of the Internet,” is host to a bevy of users that can attest to hair shedding after using Tretinoin gel (Tretin-X) or Retin-A.

“A couple of weeks after I started tretinoin,” one Reddit user posted, “I noticed an increase in the amount of hair I was losing.”

The Reddit scribe also mentioned that their dermatologist tracked the problem back to their cream.

There are high levels of vitamin A in the gels. While the vitamin has been known to moisturize scalps and contribute to hair growth, too much—like anything else—can be detrimental.

Moderation, as always, is key.

It is not just the Internet forums making note of this. The Food and Drug Administration noticed a rise in negative side effects from skin-care products across the board. CBS News reported that cosmetics are under regulated in the United States and hair care and skin care products are prone to the most complaints.

Please, don’t be too alarmed. A lot of us out there still use retinoid creams daily. With this new information, however, it would be wise to make sure your dermatologist is aware of everything that you are using.

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