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Microdermabrasion Northern Virginia

Microdermabrasion Northern Virginia

What Is a Microdermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion, in short, is an exfoliation treatment but it is a drastic step up from your usual over-the-counter exfoliation treatments, like scrubs or the electric skin care brush.

The Microdermabrasion skin rejuvenation technique utilizes a crystal-free exfoliation device to remove the topmost layer of the skin, leaving it supple and vibrant and soft.

Rostami OPC uses the DiamondTome™ Skin Resurfacing System.

What Can Microdermabrasion Do for You?

This crystal-free based technique is for anybody who wants to look younger and show off healthy skin. If you’re dealing with a dull appearance because of dark spots and acne scars, Microdermabrasion can help.

Uneven pigmentation? Blackheads? Microdermabrasion has it covered.

Want to reduce wrinkles? Eliminate large pores? Microdermabrasion can stimulation collagen production for a fantastic facial rejuvenation.

It also improves blood circulation in the area where you undergo treatment. Better blood circulation means more vital nutrients to your skin and higher skin oxygenation.

Most patients need multiple treatments before seeing highly visible results. Those with little to no history of exfoliation will likely have a lot of damaged skin to get through.

You will be receiving treatment once every two weeks when you first begin.

How Does a Microdermabrasion Work?

The technique is minimally abrasive. Dead skin cells are gently vacuumed up. The skin of patients is met with a suction that also delivers diamond chips to remove the upper-most layer of dying skin cells—this is called the epidermis.

Patients very rarely experience broken capillaries. The vacuum is only strong enough dislodge dead skin cells into a special cartridge.

In all, your visits shouldn’t take longer than one hour and it actually works best in shorter sessions.

What Is the Recovery Like After a Microdermabrasion?

Best of all, recovery is really quick. Microdermabrasion will not keep you from any special occasions.

There is slight redness and tenderness immediately following the procedure.

Sunscreen is recommended as sensitivity to the sun increases, but you will look better than ever come wedding season.

More About DiamondTome Wand and Microdermabrasion

The DiamondTome wand removes the layer of skin by gently exfoliating with natural, ultra-fine, diamond chips, while simultaneously vacuuming the dead skins in a sterile manner. Post treatment, your skin has a smoother texture and healthy new skin cells are encouraged to grow.

Microdermabrasions with DiamondTome wand is similar to particle Microdermabrasion and chemical peels in results, but without the adverse effects of irritation, skin reaction and downtime.

A series of treatments, which Rostami OPC has available in cost saving packages, is recommended as part of your routine skin care regimen.

Microdermabrasion can be used to treat a variety of skin conditions such as sun-damage, age spots, milia, acne scar reduction, minor scar improvement, hyperpigmentation, oily skin, and blackhead and whitehead extraction—on the face and body.

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