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About Chemical Peels

Chemical peels have been used for over a century to create an even and controlled shedding of damaged skin cells. Peels use a solution that is applied to the skin to remove dead skin cells and stimulate the growth and production of new, healthy skin. Peels also help to tighten skin, reduce wrinkles and restore a youthful appearance. They also help reduce pore size, fine lines, sun-damage and acne scars. It is also an excellent treatment for the under eye area to tighten and soften fine lines. Depending on the type, depth and strength of your peel, the amount of downtime will vary. In most instances, best results are achieved with a series of peels that are a programmed part of your skincare maintenance plan.

Brown Out Peel

Skin Brightening System:
This is an in-office procedure; our patients leave with the peel on the skin and keep it on for 8-10 hours depending on their skin type.

Effective Peel Ingredients:

  • Retinoid, a vitamin A related chemical compound known for its pigment reducing qualities
  • Arbutin, a natural skin brightener derived from the leaves of bearberry plant

7-10 days of significant redness, peeling, swelling and dryness.

With the combination of retinoid, the pigment reducing, wrinkle fighting, skin smoothing, cure for all skin problems and Arbutin, the natural, skin lightening agent, results obtained by the Brown Out Peel are hard to imitate. It is the ideal treatment for moderate to severe hyperpigmentation or melasma. It is also the best one time treatment choice for reducing large pores, fine lines and wrinkles.

Indications: Can be applied on all skin types
*Includes a take home post procedure.

Mini Brown Out Peel

Skin Enhancement System:

This is an in-office procedure; our patients leave with the peel on their skin and keep it on for 4 hours.

Effective Peel Ingredients:

  • Retinoid-as with our Brown Out Peel
  • Azelaic, Lactic and Phytic acids. This unique combination of acids contributes to the exfoliating, antibacterial and melanin growth inhibiting qualities of this peel.

2-3 days of redness, peeling and dryness.

This peel is intended for those with mild to moderate hyperpigmentation, melasma, large pores and fine lines. The combination acids offer mild exfoliation and an overall brightening effect for less downtime.

Indications: Can be applied on all skin types.
*Includes a take home post procedure kit.

i.Brighten Melanage Peel

This peel is our tried and true remedy to significantly improve the texture and pigmentation issues on the skin. It entails the application of a crème masque by our master aesthetician, and includes an at-home regimen for post-peel care. There is no pain and little to no irritation during the application of the masque. The downtime is about 5-7 days and comparable to a moderate sunburn.

i.Brighten Melanage Mini Peel

This peel uses non-acidic ingredients that do not burn, wound or injure the skin. For this reason, it can be used to treat all skin types, including our patients with darker complexions. It is designed to improve the fine lines and age spots over the course of 1-4 treatments. Some patients may feel a mild tingling sensation from the peel solution, but the treatment is virtually painless. Downtime is about 3-4 days and feels similar to mild sunburn.

i.Retexturize Peel

This peel is designed to improve the texture (fine lines and wrinkles) of the skin. The downtime is only about 2-3 days and mild peeling is expected.

i.Refine Peel

To improve fine lines and pores, this is an excellent beginner peel for patients who have never had chemical treatments to the skin. This peel is performed with a microdermabrasion for optimal results. Expect zero downtime and minimal irritation.


We offer the physician-administered TCA peel as an excellent pairing with upper and lower eyelid surgeries and mini-facelifts. The TCA peel is one of the most potent peels so you can expect 7-14 days of downtime, but the results are better texture, refined pores, age spot reduction, and softened lines. Here’s a way to make the most of your surgery recuperation—add a TCA peel to your lower eyelids, face or décolleté.


This relatively mild peel is beneficial for a wide variety of skin conditions. The strength can be adjusted with each treatment to achieve the desired result.


Salicylic acid is a gentle beta hydroxyl acid (BHA) derived from willow bark. This peel is a safe and effective when used to treat skin conditions like acne.


This gentle peel is a great maintenance peel for those who wish to extend the results of a deeper peel and/or laser treatment. Lactic acid is very gentle; it’s safe for pregnant women, first time peel patients, darker skin types, younger patients, and those with sensitive skin.

Vi Peel

Vi Vitality peel renews your skin’s appearance and feel, while minimizing pores and blending uneven skin tones. Results are seen within 5-7 days. The Vi peel is excellent for all skin types.

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