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Neck Lift Northern Virginia

Neck Lift Northern Virginia

Dr. Soheila Rostami’s OPC is a highly-qualified medical practice in Reston, Virginia that performs neck lift procedures. We are dedicated to the mission of surgical perfection and our promise is to exceed patient satisfaction. This promise allows Dr. Rostami and the practice as a whole to consistently deliver natural-looking neck rejuvenation results, for all neck lift patients. Dr. Rostami and OPC’s reputation is such that it attracts neck lift patients from throughout the greater Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia area, including Arlington, Reston and McLean.

Direct Approach Neck Lift

The direct approach to the neck lift is often referred to as the turkey neck lift or t-neck lift. The direct approach to the neck lift still entails contouring the platysma muscle. That muscle is sewn in the middle starting just under your chin and then is continued down to the base of your neck and then back up again in a corset type manner. The difference with the direct approach is that the incision is not limited to just under the chin.

What Is Neck Lift Surgery in Virginia?

A neck lift is a surgical procedure that helps minimize or eliminate excess skin, wrinkles and hanging tissues from the neck area. This treatment also tightens skin around the neck, creating a beautifully balanced, youthful contouring neckline. Younger and older neck lift patients share a desire for a natural correction of this critical area of the face. The surgical recommendation may involve tightening loose or laxity of muscle, excess fat and/or skin, or a combination.

Who Is a Good Candidate for a Neck Lift?

A client is usually considered a good candidate for a neck lift if he or she:

  • Is in good or relatively good health (clearance is necessary)
  • Has loose or sagging skin of the neck or chin
  • Has a double chin or excess fat under the chin
  • Has vertical wrinkle lines and/or folds on the neck

Neck Lift Procedure in Northern Virginia

Neck lift surgery may be performed with local anesthesia for a limited neck lift. We conduct IV sedation anesthesia for a full neck lift procedure in our Reston, Virginia office. Sedation anesthesia medication is given—this allows the patient to comfortably breathe on their own, while feeling nothing. Depending on the aesthetic demands of the patient, Dr. Rostami performs a mini liposuction to remove excess fatty deposits, as well as remove and tighten the underlying neck muscles. The next step is the removal of excess skin.

While some neck lift clients require only skin tightening, some need a combination of procedures to achieve the best possible outcome. In a neck lift procedure, incisions are made under the ear, along the side of the front of the ear, and then behind the ear and/or into the hair. If a mini neck lift is performed, the muscle is addressed first. We tighten the muscle from the side, avoiding the need for an incision under the chin, minimizing the need for drainage. If there are noticeable muscle bands around the neck, those are usually sutured by means of an incision beneath the chin.

Recovering from Neck Lift Surgery

Immediately following a neck lift surgery, clients may experience mild to moderate discomfort. Medication is typically prescribed to help with any discomfort. You will need to wear compression bandages that the doctor applies for two weeks. Bruising and swelling is normal during this time. Swelling typically subsides within two weeks. To help reduce any swelling, it is recommended to sleep with your head elevated with pillows for a week or two. Resting is critical. After about two weeks, you may return to normal activities such as work, traveling and minimal exercise.

How Much Does a Neck Lift Cost?

Because a neck lift in Virginia may involve several procedures, depending on the clients needs, in order to achieve the patient’s desired results, the price can vary. Dr. Rostami and her medical team can discuss these factors during your private consultation. We can provide you with a price estimation based on your goals.

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