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Eyelid Surgery in Northern Virginia

Many women and men elect to undergo eyelid surgery in Northern Virginia to improve the appearance and function of their eyes.

A person’s eyes can convey a great deal about them, including emotional state, age, and overall well-being. Accordingly, droopy eyelids, wrinkles, and under eye bags can reflect an older, tired, and upset appearance.

What’s more, hooded eyelids can cover the pupil and interfere with vision and daily activities like reading, driving, and watching tv.

So, is eyelid surgery in Northern Virginia right for you?

Continue reading as we discuss the causes of eyelid issues, good candidates for blepharoplasty, the blepharoplasty procedure, recovery, anticipated results, and cost.

Here is your ultimate guide to blepharoplasty in Northern Virginia.

What Is Blepharoplasty?

Blepharoplasty, also referred to as eyelid surgery or an eye lift, is a surgical procedure designed to improve the appearance and/or function of the eyes.

It can be performed on the upper eyelids, lower eyelids, or both and typically involves removing excess skin, tissue, and fat and adjusting underlying muscles to increase eyelid support and structure.

Indications for blepharoplasty include: Upper eyelid drooping, hooded eyelids that obstruct vision, under eye bags and circles, and wrinkles. Counteracting these signs of aging with eyelid surgery helps eyes look more open, brighter, refreshed, and youthful.

What Causes Eyelid Issues?

Eyelid ptosis is the result of loss of elasticity over time. In fact, decreased eyelid elasticity causes skin to stretch and pool around eyes.

As a result, upper eyelids may become hooded or droopy, aging women and men and impairing sight.

Comparatively, loss of elasticity in lower eyelids allows for underlying fat to bulge and present as under eye bags.

Who is a Good Candidate for Eyelid Surgery?

Blepharoplasty in Northern Virginia is well-suited for healthy women and men that want to address cosmetic and functional eyelid issues. The surgery is often performed on patients over the age of 35 and may involve treatment of the upper eyelids, lower eyelids, or a combined procedure.

The best way to determine if you are a good candidate for eyelid rejuvenation is an in-person consultation with an experienced, board-certified facial plastic surgeon like Dr. Rostami or Dr. Naz.

During this initial meeting, they will listen to your concerns and evaluate eyelid appearance and possibly vision.

If you are a good candidate for blepharoplasty in Reston, VA, they will develop a customized treatment plan, based on your needs and goals, and carefully explain the procedure benefits, risks, process, recovery, and anticipated outcomes.

How Is Blepharoplasty Performed?

In the hands of a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon, eyelid surgery is a straight-forward outpatient treatment. It typically takes 1-3 hours and involves local anesthesia.

During the procedure, an incision is made in the natural crease of the upper lid, below the lash line, or inside the lower eyelid. Through these access points, the surgeon removes excess skin, tissue, and fat, adjusts muscles, and repositions fat.

Absorbable sutures are then used to close incisions and complete the surgery.

Types of Eyelid Surgery in Northern Virginia

Upper Blepharoplasty

Upper eyelid surgery in Northern Virginia can easily be done in the office under local anesthetic. Our dual board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Soheila Rostami, carefully measures the amount of excess skin to remove to improve your appearance and in many cases, your peripheral vision.

In this procedure, the excess skin and the fat from the upper eyelids are removed. The incisions are made in the upper eyelid crease, making the incision line almost invisible when completely healed. This incision can be made with a laser, blade, Colorado tip on Bovie cautery, or using radio frequency ablation.

When performing a blepharoplasty in Northern Virginia, the incisions made with a surgical blade have been shown to have the best results with the least scarring and best healing.

upper blepharoplasty northern virginia upper eyelid surgery northern virginia

This surgery is often combined with internal lateral eyebrow fixation if your outer eyebrows have dropped, which can contribute to the amount of excess skin on the upper eyelid. If you would like ptosis correction, Dr. Rostami can also perform this procedure along with a blepharoplasty in Reston, VA.

Both the lateral brow lift and ptosis repair are done in the same incision in the crease of the eyelid, during a single surgery.

Down time is only about a week, although residual bruising and swelling can last longer, depending on your age and general health.

Lower Blepharoplasty 

Lower eyelid surgery in Northern Virginia can correct the pouches and bags and remove loose, wrinkled skin under the eyes. Surgery in this area can be done in one of two ways: transconjunctival or subcilliary. With transconjunctival surgery the fat is removed from inside the lower eyelid; there are no sutures.

If the area has loose, wrinkled skin, a subcilliary incision is made directly under the lower eyelashes and fat and the excess skin is removed.

Most often, for optimal results, the area is treated using a combination of procedures, including surgery, fillers and peels and/or laser sessions. If the fat pad has slipped and is revealing the bony orbital rim creating hollowness, a lower blepharoplasty does not normally remedy this.

lower blepharoplasty northern virginia lower eyelid surgery northern virginia

In cases like this, Dr. Rostami is a proponent of using dermal fillers to soften the hollowness and actually sculpt the area, creating elevation where there was a depression, for stunning results.

Other popular options for lower eyelid lines and wrinkles include chemical peels, CO2 and Fraxel treatments.

What to Expect After Eyelid Surgery?

Following eyelid surgery in Northern Virginia, patients will be unable to drive and require a ride home. It’s also important that they apply ice to their eyes and keep their heads elevated to help reduce swelling and bruising.

Recovery from blepharoplasty is a fairly easy, quick, and tolerable process. Any mild pain or discomfort can typically be managed with over the counter pain relievers.

Most patients are able to return to work and resume normal activities within 3-5 days of blepharoplasty.

With that being said, they may experience dry eyes for 1-2 weeks and should avoid eye makeup, contact lenses, heavy lifting, and bright light as they heal. Wearing dark sunglasses is also recommended for a period of 2-4 weeks.

Blepharoplasty Results

Blepharoplasty in Northern Virginia has an extremely high rate of patient satisfaction and produces natural-looking, yet noticeable, results.

Following eyelid surgery, most women and men are pleased to see that they look younger, well-rested, more alert, friendlier, and attractive. It can also restore vision and improve daily functioning and quality of life.

Additionally, results are long-lasting to permanent. In the case of upper blepharoplasty, most individuals enjoy treatment benefits for 10 years or more. Lower blepharoplasty effects often withstand the test of time and do not require additional treatment.

Eyelid Surgery Cost

Cost of eyelid surgery can vary based on geographic location, complexity of case, and surgeon expertise and experience.

While cosmetic eyelid surgery in Reston, VA, is usually not covered by insurance, functional blepharoplasty, that seeks to repair hooded lids and restore vision, may be deemed medically necessary and qualify for reimbursement.

Is Blepharoplasty in Northern Virginia Right for You?

If you are considering eyelid surgery in Northern Virginia, please contact our office to schedule a comprehensive consultation with one of our oculo-facial plastic surgery experts today.

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