A Step-by-Step Facelift Guide

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Best Facelift Surgery Northern Virginia

Facelift surgery continues to be one of the most popular and effective plastic surgery procedures for its unparalleled ability to reposition skin, fat, and muscle.

If you are considering undergoing surgery for facial rejuvenation, it’s important that you are well-informed and prepared for the procedure.

Continue reading to learn what you can expect in our step-by-step guide to facelift in Northern Virginia.

1. Anesthesia Administered

A facelift in Northern Virginia can be performed using IV sedation or general anesthesia. Both of these options consist of medications that improve patient comfort and minimize pain during and after the procedure.

Anesthesia selection often depends on several factors, and Dr. Rostami and Dr. Naz will work with you to determine which one is right for your specific case.

2. Incisions Made Depending on Type of Lift

Following anesthesia, incisions are made to sculpt or transfer fat, reposition underlying tissue, lift deep layers of face and muscles, redrape skin, and remove excess skin.

If your needs and goals are best met by traditional facelift surgery, the incision will be placed in your hairline and extend from the temple to lower scalp.

Comparatively, a limited incision facelift involves shorter incisions that start at the temple and go around the ear. This type of mini-facelift is often well-suited for women and men with mild to moderate laxity, who are seeking more subtle rejuvenation.

3. Incisions Closed

Finally, sutures are placed to close incisions and complete your facelift in Northern Virginia. The materials used may dissolve on their own or require removal several days post-operatively.

Rest assured, that incisions will be very discrete and concealed in your hairline, ear, and facial contours.

4. Results Revealed

Enjoying the results of your facelift surgery is the final step. Once any residual swelling and bruising subside, you will be pleased to see a significant reduction in wrinkles and folds, noticeable lifting, and restoration of natural facial contours.

Ultimately, you will look like a refreshed and youthful version of yourself, with increased confidence.

If you are considering a facelift in Northern Virginia, please contact us today to schedule a comprehensive consultation with Dr. Rostami or Dr. Naz.

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