What’s New in Facelifts? The Latest Medical Advancements

Published on December 31, 2018 by
facelifts northern virginia

Facelift Northern Virginia

Despite the numerous lifting, tightening, and plumping benefits of non-invasive treatments, many women and men continue to undergo surgical facelifts.

In fact, non-surgical options like lasers, fillers, and thread lifts often offer patients the chance to try-on cosmetic changes before committing to a facelift.

What’s more, advancements in facelift techniques have decreased the potential for bruising, scarring, and adverse effects and produced extremely natural results that are appealing to women and men.

So, what’s new in facelifts?

Here are 5 developments that you should know about if you’re considering a facelift in Northern Virginia.

1. Depth of Treatment

In the past, skin-only facelifts left patients looking over-pulled, and results lasted just 4-5 years. However, current facelift techniques lift and reposition the underlying musculature, using sutures to tighten connective tissue surrounding the muscles or the muscles themselves.

This advancement allows skin to be redraped in a deeper and more natural way.

2. Direction of the Lift

Another development in facelifts is their direction. Surgeons have moved away performing a horizontal lift, that resulted in a pinched look or awkward appearance to the crow’s feet and neck lines. They now work to pull tissue up and as much as they do to pull it back for a subtler enhancement.

3. More Natural-Looking Results

Facelifts are also being performed with greater precision, allowing surgeons to seamlessly produce results that mirror natural facial anatomy.

They can now target and repair specific concerns, without causing swelling and bruising to the entire face.

4. Integration of Energy-Based Devices for Facelifts

While energy-based devices are not a substitute for surgery, they are now being used in conjunction with facelifts to maximize results and minimize recovery.

Accordingly, surgeons are doing less cutting and employing these technologies to firm and lift skin and melt unwanted fat during the procedure.

5. Minimal to No Scarring

When considering a facelift or surgical procedure, many patients are concerned about permanent and obvious scarring. Although this may have once been an issue, facelift incisions are now very discrete and can be concealed in the hair or the creases of the ear.

If you are considering a facelift in Northern Virginia, contact our office today to schedule a comprehensive consultation with Dr. Rostami or Dr. Naz. They will assess your concerns and goals and develop a customized treatment plan that best meets your needs.

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