Botox Frequently Asked Questions

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botox injections reston virginia

Botox Reston Virginia

Botox injections are one of the most popular cosmetic procedures for men and women, and many patients consider it as a normal part of their skincare regimen.

Despite the procedure becoming fairly commonplace, individuals often have a number of questions before their first treatment.

Keep reading for 7 frequently asked questions about Botox Cosmetic, and what you can expect should you decide to undergo this non-invasive anti-aging procedure in Reston, VA.

1. Does Botox Prevent Wrinkles?

Many patients undergo Botox in Reston, VA, to prevent existing wrinkles from deepening and new lines from forming. That’s because Botox limits contraction of overactive muscles and reduces facial expressions that cause forehead lines, crow’s feet, and glabellar lines to become etched in the skin over time.

2. Will Botox Make Me Look Frozen?

The frozen look is often the result of too much Botox and improper product placement by inexperienced or unqualified providers.

However, in the hands of an experienced and highly-skilled injector like Dr. Rostami or Dr. Naz, Botox provides extremely natural results that help women and men look refreshed and more youthful.

3. Are Botox Injections Painful?

Botox injections are well-tolerated by most patients, and many describe the injections as a quick pricking or burning sensation.

A topical anesthetic or ice are often used prior to the procedure to numb the treatment area and improve comfort.

4. When’s the Right Time to Start Botox Injections?

While there is not an ideal age to begin Botox, many women and men seek treatments when they notice lines and wrinkles that bother them.

5. How Long Do Botox Effects Last?

Botox results can vary from person to person, depending on how quickly their bodies metabolize the product. That being said, typical Botox effects last 4 to 6 months.

6. Will People Be Able to Tell I’ve Had Botox?

Most patients find that they look like well-rested versions of themselves following Botox. Friends and family may comment that you seem refreshed and healthy, unaware of the reason why.

7. What Can I Expect After My Botox Treatment?

While Botox is a zero-downtime treatment, patients should schedule their Botox injections 2 weeks before an event or special occasion. Makeup can be worn immediately after, but intense workouts should be avoided for 24 hours.

Results can be noted within 3-5 days.

If you’re considering Botox injections in Reston, VA, please contact our office today to schedule a comprehensive consultation with Dr. Rostami or Dr. Naz.

They will assess your concerns and goals and develop a customized treatment plan that best meets your needs.

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